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iTALK 660

Communicate further

iTALK 660



  •  Desktop Charger
  • Adapter
  • Antenna
  • Battery
  • Belt Clip
  • Strap
  • Earpiece
  • Speaker Mic
  • Program Cable


  • Push to Talk Globally without range limited:

    The Global Talk service could be supported via the 4G public mobile network.

  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply):

    Continuous Power Supply with Internal backup battery when replacing the main battery pack.

  • Voice Announcement:

    All the information including working status and groups could be voice broadcasted, which makes every operation could be observed clearly.

  • Reliable and Durable:

    IP67 Ingress Protection and MIL-STD-810 G can meet with the requirements of harsh service applications.

  • 1.77-inch Color Display:

    The full-color display makes the status information to be shown perfectly.

  • Loud Speaker with Noise Reduction:

    Professional audio design guarantees good audio quality for individual call, group call and emergency call.

  • Long Battery Life:

    4000mAh Lithum-Ion high capacity battery, can meet the longer endurance through the power optimization and other technical methods. An optional 8000mAh High Cap is also available.